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The water system is one of (if not the most) important systems in your house.  At K & B, we design your water system based on two major factors:  Need and Location.  Each system is designed with a combination of these two important factors.  The “Need” relates to the intended usage of the system, taking into account the number of people who will occupy the residence, the planned landscape, livestock if any, and many other factors which affect day-to-day usage.  The “Location” relates to those conditions that will affect the systems operation and include the distance to the residence and elevation change between the well and the residence, well depth, static water level, pumping level, and several other factors which will affect the performance of your water system.

K & B Enterprises can provide pump sizing and selection to fit all of your domestic, agricultural, or commercial needs.   We are a stocking dealer for Goulds Pumps and have ready access to most other major brands.

Low yield well?  Expanding your landscaping?  Need extra flow for fire sprinkler systems or added storage for stand alone fire protection? K & B offers concrete holding tanks to 2500-gallons and poly holding tanks to 5000-gallons.  These can be installed in multiple configurations to meet your storage capacity needs.  We also offer complete water system design for your domestic, irrigation, and fire protection needs.  These systems are available either installed by our staff or in kit form for the DIY homeowner. 

K & B Enterprises offers service on domestic, irrigation, and commercial water systems.  Our service area includes all of El Dorado County and extends to the south to cover the towns of Plymouth, River Pines, Sutter Creek and Rancho Murrieta.  Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday, from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.

K & B Enterprises does not offer 24-hour or weekend service.  It has been our experience that the safety issues of working at night coupled with most suppliers being closed on the weekends made for expensive service calls that often required the customer wait until the next normal business day for parts or additional help.  If you have an evening or weekend emergency, simply leave a voice mail and we will return calls on the next business day in the order that they are received. 

K & B Enterprises supplies and installs various forms of water filtration equipment ranging from simple Cartridge & Vu-Flow "spin down type filters to fully automated Lakos Sand Seperators.  Although we do not install any water treatment equipment at this time, we do provide a full range of water treatment equipment at very competetive pricing for our customers who wish to install their own water treatment equipment.  These products range from Neutralizing Systems to Water Softener and Iron Removal Equipment.  UV and Ozone Systems are also available for bacteria treatment.  Below is a listing of some of our available products with links to all of the specifications and information you might need to aid you in your selection. 

K & B Enterprises Filter & Water Treatment - Specification Links

Lakos Sand Seperators 


Water Treatment 


Cartridge Type Filters  UV & Ozone Systems 


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