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Whenever a property is sold, a well inspection should be performed.  While well inspections are not a warranty inspection, a thorough well inspection can help determine if the well is capable of providing water for normal household and irrigation use.  Although the well pump is not pulled, and buried components are not included in the inspection, a system inspection will give you a good idea as to the condition of the major components of your system and alert you to any possible equipment problems, health and safety issues, and code violations.

Many Real Estate Contracts list Well Yield and Potability Tests as one of the inspections; however, there is no clear definition of exactly what they are looking for.  Many contractors have different ideas as to what constitutes a Well Yield Test and how it should be performed.
K & B feels that the current county requirement of a four hour flow test for new construction should also be applied to property sales.  Each flow test that we perform is four hours long and is continuously monitored during testing.  The well is then certified at either the pump production or the well production (whichever is less).

We always recommend that a potability test be done.  This checks for Coliform and E-Coli bacteria.  All testing is performed by the Water Environmental Testing Laboratory in Shingle Springs.  Normal turnaround on results is five business days.  Two and three day rush orders are available at an extra charge. 

Pumping equipment will be operated to check for inconsistent operating patterns and all above ground equipment such as the pressure tank, switch, well head plumbing, booster pump (if installed), and related control equipment are checked to insure that they are in good operating order.

El Dorado County currently requires a four hour well production test for new construction and the addition of second homes (granny flats).  To qualify a well must provide five gallons per minute for a period of four hours (10 gpm for a second residence).  If a well produces at least one gpm it will be accepted if additional storage is provided to meet the minimum requirements.

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